Really Serious C – Joint Health and Bone Jour are all back in stock!

Really Serious C enhances the immune system by seriously enhancing phagocytosis, which is the ability for white blood cells to seek out and destroy microbial invaders responsible for disease. This may help prevent getting sick in the first place and may decrease the severity and duration of infection if you get sick. It has several […]

No-Shot Allergy Testing

Are allergies and asthma making you miserable? Allergy drops offer a simple solution. We offer Quick, Painless Allergy Testing….. With the high accuracy and convenience of intradermal testing, we can gauge your reaction to about 170 allergens with a simple scratch test. Once we have the test results, we mix a serum suited to your […]

Happy 4th of July !

The office will be closed on Monday July 5th in observance of Independence Day. The office will be re-open on Tuesday July 6th. Have a safe and happy holiday. Dr. Brian Cabin and Staff

It’s Allergy Season in Tucson!

Allergy Stopper is a homeopathic preparation that is made in Tucson at various times of the year.  This way, it incorporates “current” seasonal allergens in its formula that pertain specifically to Tucson. We are pleased to announce that the Spring preparation is now available.  Allergy Stopper is yet another safe and natural tool in your […]

Thanksgiving Office Hours

The office will be closed Wednesday 11-25,Thursday 11-26 and Friday 11-27 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will return to our regular office hours on Monday 11-30. We hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Take care and be well.

Nature-Thyroid Update:

Currently Nature-Throid is unavailable. During testing the FDA found in a few patches the active ingredient was found 87-88% than the required 90% which is slightly less. I am not very concerned, because everyone has been testing well and doing well on the Nature-Throid. During this interim I am writing prescriptions for Armour Thyroid that […]

For your health and safety !

The health and safety of our clients and staff continues to be our top priority! Our office is well ventilated with an open floor plan. We go above and beyond the CDC expectations for business operations. We’d like to review the established measures we always practice here at Gentle, Loving, Medical Care to ensure you […]