Conditions are certainly improving! We have had no cases of Covid-19 in our practice for which we are most grateful. However, this is not due to pure luck or chance. It underscores the importance of healthy living both in the prevention of disease and how we weather the things that life throws at us.

The emphasis of my practice has always been- a health diet, exercise , positive attitude, minimizing pharmaceuticals, using high quality Neutroceuticals (vitamins, probiotics, herbs), rest and sleep, human interactions, avoidance of toxins and mitigating stress. All are extremely important. In fact, they are crucial to a healthy immune system and the immune system is THE key to a healthy life.

In the early days of modern germ theory, there were 2 major camps.

Louis Pasteur, championed the knowledge that invisible microorganisms can cause a multitude of diseases. Beauchamps championed the theory that the soil (what we now call the immune system or host defense) was everything. History suggests that Pasteur’s dying words were “Beauchamps is right, the soil is everything”. Both, of course, were correct.

It’s time to return health!

Currently, I am in the office seeing patients and doing phone consults on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Rhonda is in the office on Monday’s and Thursday’s from 10 am- 2 pm for patient calls and curbside pickup . Beginning the week of May 25th, we are prepared to begin extending our hours and will be back to a normal schedule. Please call now to schedule your appointments prior as we are filing up quickly.

If you haven’t been in the new office yet at 616 N. Country Club Rd., Suite 180 (on the northeast corner of Country Club and 5th) it is a newly renovated, spacious, happy, light space. We thank Josiah Joessler for building the space as his home. We thank my wife, Mary, for the beauty, harmony and inner peace of the office.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Brian L. Cabin, M.D.

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