Currently Nature-Throid is unavailable. During testing the FDA found in a few patches the active ingredient was found 87-88% than the required 90% which is slightly less.

I am not very concerned, because everyone has been testing well and doing well on the Nature-Throid. During this interim I am writing prescriptions for Armour Thyroid that is equivalent to Nature-Throid in potency. I prefer Nature-Throid because it is free of high fructose corn syrup ( HFCS) in the binders.

Nature-Throid should become available in 4-8 weeks (we hope). We should be the first kids on the block to receive it and will send out an e-mail blast when it arrives.

If you have unopened bottles of Nature-Throid purchased from our office and you want to return them for a refund, we can do so.

Be well –

Dr. Cabin

Rhonda W., LPN

Sarah G., M.A