We are starting of a busy cold and flu season.  Inquiring minds often ask me how to enhance immune function.  In addition to proper diet, moderate exercise, adequate sleep and avoiding most chemical toxins, Vitamin C and other antioxidants must be a part of the conversation.  Vitamin C enhances the immune system by seriously enhancing phagocytosis, which is the ability for white blood cells to seek out and destroy microbial invaders responsible for disease.  This may help prevent getting sick in the first place and may decrease the severity and duration of infection if you do get sick.  The other strong anti-oxidants in Really Serious C are glutathione, lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, grape seed extract and green tea extract.  They work synergistically with Vitamin C and have their own unique healing powers.

Additionally, Vitamin C is a good adjunctive treatment for most chronic illnesses.  Specifically, Vitamin C may help prevent and treat heart disease and hypertension.  In a large study of over 250,000 people who were taking at least 700mg per day over ten years had 25% reduction in occurrence of heart disease.  Vitamin C also helps make healthy collagen, which promotes healing from injuries and healthier, younger looking skin.  Additionally, Vitamin C lowers uric acid which is a marker for gout and cardiovascular.  It can also improve iron absorption and decrease inflammation and oxidative stress throughout the body, specifically in the brain, and can help preserve brain health as we age.  Often times, Vitamin C is also used as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of cancer.

The recommended dose for Really Serious C is two pills twice a day as a maintenance dose.  Two pills taken every two to four hours can be taken for cold, flu and other infections.  Everyone has a limit to how much Vitamin C they can tolerate.  If bowel tolerance is reached and there is loose stool, it is recommended to back off the Vitamin C just a bit.  Interestingly, Vitamin C tolerance goes up when you have an infection and a person can often tolerate a higher dose than usual.

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